Tuesday, 6 May 2014


As an addition to the smaller gift bag and boxes designed for the MONO branding, another 2 larger bags were also drawn out as nets. The bags are 14 x 10cm and 16 x 10cm. Nets for both of the bags can be seen below as well as the development process. The aesthetic remains the same as the other packaging/gift bags, as well as the branding and identity as a whole.

Like the smaller gift bag, the front and back are pulled together and secured with a piece of black ribbon, opposed to having a bag which is open all the time. This conceals the goods whilst adding more of a high quality finish and feel. The stock used is thick matte (digital dungeon stock) due to the size of the paper required (A2).

Matte vinyl stickers showcasing the MONO logo were also cut and applied to the front of the gift bag. This adds further continuity whilst subtly advertising the brand, - logo, aesthetic and quality.

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