Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Laser cutting the clothing hangers and changing room tags took two attempts, as the first time the MDF chosen was 6mm to ensure the hanger was sturdy and safe to be handle when cut. Unfortunately as seen below, even with 2 lots of cutting it still didn't go through. As an alternative 3mm MDF had to be used, and was carefully handled to ensure the handle didn't snap off, or damage the laser cut type.

Above: 6mm MDF. Even when double cut, it didn't go all the way through. This piece was photographed for development before scrapping the waste MDF.

Above: Cutting the two changing room hangers on 3mm MDF. The laser cut through only cutting once.
Below: Cut out clothing hanger.

Above: The coat hanger and changing room tags were then spray painted black in a ventilated spray booth on both sides before photographing.

Overall I was really happy with the outcome and feel they fit the branding and identity really well. It was also a good experience in terms of experimenting with stock and different weights/thicknesses for future use.

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